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NLRB finds Chuck Parker and ADG leadership guilty of “unlawfully” firing longtime accountant three months prior to her P&W vesting….

"Fairness didn’t matter in this case." said Parker
Chuck Parker’s efforts sought to undermine union representation and staff safety while enabling IMA Treasurer, Casey Bernay to abuse ADG staff and membership without penalty or redress…

A response from the ADG leadership vows to appeal the judge's ruling, but at what further cost to the membership's treasury?
Under Chuck Parker the ADG has experienced a record number of avoidable lawsuits costing the membership thousands of our dollars...

The NLRB Decision

Mission of
guild facts 911
ADG Confidential

The purpose of guild facts 911 and its newsletter, ADG Confidential is to provide you, the membership with the truth regarding our leadership’s administrative financial and business practices. ​

Our intention is to enlighten and inform the membership by providing a forum so that all may confidentially share their workplace experiences and concerns.

Accountability and transparency are the inalienable bedrock principles of all labor unions. A membership endows its managers and elected representatives with a sacred fiduciary trust so that these stewards may administer the union’s financial and contractual affairs in a professional and accountable manner.


For too long, an entitled minority of tenured members and inexperienced senior staff have been unilaterally misusing executive sessions, staff intimidation, and workplace malefice in the execution of our business and membership affairs.

Their conduct has engendered needless and expensive lawsuits, and could potentially lead to financial insolvency and institutional receivership within the IA.

We must restore checks and balances, transparency and accountability to our union’s governance, management, and financial practices.

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so that guild facts 911 may become a constructive tool for inter guild communications, one that is informed by the membership so that their voices may be heard.

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